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Friday, February 24, 2012

KW Selling Team News: Marketing Intern

The Selling Team welcomed in a marketing intern this week. Alexandrea (Allee) is the newest member of the KW Selling Team.

Allee's current responsibilities are to build The Selling Team's online presence. Soon our valued customers will be able to interact with The Selling Team not only through the website and this blog but through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Allee is junior advertising student at Michigan State University. Not only is she a full time student but she is also a member of MSU's chapter of the American Advertising Federation (Cedar Banks) as the Co-Media Director. Her leadership in this competitive campus organization has provided her with skills to be a determined and independent worker. If she is not running around campus talking about advertising or social media she is at MSU basketball games as a member of the IZZONE. With team leaders like Brock Fletcher and Jeff Burke that are crazy about MSU athletics, Allee fits right in with The Selling Team.

Allee hopes to work with clients and small businesses in her future endeavors, therefore KW is a great start for her. The Selling Team is not her first experience with a small business. Allee's family operates a family farm that grows potatoes for Frito Lay and peas for Gerber in Blanchard, MI. While she gained office experience there, she also learned what it takes to work at a small business and work personally with clients.

Allee is a great addition to The Selling Team, and we are looking forward to seeing what she can accomplish here.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Understanding Real Estate: What is a Due on Sale Clause?

After being asked many times about land contracts, The Selling Team has an answer that will provide you with what you need to know. A “due on sale” clause is a provision in your mortgage that gives the lender (your bank) the right to demand payment of the remaining balance of your loan when the property is sold.  This means that when the title to the property is transferred, the bank has a contractual right to collect what is owed on the mortgage.  Sometimes a bank is willing to drop the due on sale clause.  If you are thinking about doing a land contract on your home, this is an important question to ask your lender who originated the loan.  With a land contract, you are transferring ownership, but the mortgage is not paid in full until the end of the term.   So a “due on sale” clause is a typically hurtle to overcome.  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Understanding Real Estate: What are the Utility Service Providers for Greater Lansing?

The Selling Team knows moving can be stressful.  There are so many different tasks to complete before the day of closing.  One very important one is to have the utilities transferred into or out of your name, effective the day of closing.  Below is a list of the common utility service providers for the Greater Lansing Area.  Please, if you stumble upon an incorrect number, or know of a company that should be listed, please let us know so we can update the list for everyone.     

Gas Company

Consumer’s Energy: 1-800-477-5050

Rural Gas: (Grand Ledge) 517-627-3443

Detroit Edison: 1-800-477-4747

Schafer Petroleum 989-593-3550

Pohl Oil 989-587-3291

Electric Companies
Board of Water & Light (BWL): 517-702-6006
Lansing, East Lansing, Parts of: Bath Township, Delhi Township, Delta Township, DeWitt Township, Lansing Township, Meridian Township, Windsor Township, and Watertown Township.

City of Portland: 517-647-3205

Consumer’s Energy: 1-800-477-5050

Detroit Edison: 1-800-477-4747 service map

Water & Sewage

BWL: Board of Water & Light: 517-702-6006
City of Lansing, City of DeWitt, Parts of: Delhi Township, DeWitt Township, Lansing Township, Windsor Township, Bath Township, and Watertown Township.

Charlotte (City): 517-543-8838

City of Lansing: 517-483-4455

Delhi Township (Holt): 517-694-0333 (Treasurer's Office)

Delta Township: 517-323-8510 (Billing), 517-323-8570  (Emergencies)

DeWitt (City) 517-669-2441
DeWitt Township: for sewer services: (Treasure's Office) 517-668-1411
            Or Southern Clinton County Municipal Utilities Authority: 517-669-8311

Dimondale (Village and billing for Windsor Townhip): 517-646-0230

City of East Lansing: 517-319-6890 or 517-337-1731

Eaton Rapids - City: 517-663-8118

Grand Ledge (City Hall): 517-627-2149 / form required
            Or after 5 pm weekends and holidays 1-517-483-7136
Lansing Township (Westside Water): 517-485-5470

Lansing City: 517-483-4455

Mason: 517-676-9155

Meridian Township (Okemos and Haslett) 517-853-4120

Mulliken City (local Townships): will receive bill after property transfer affadavit has been received

Mulliken (Village): 

Perry: 517-625-4500

Potterville: 517-645-7641

St. Johns: 989-224-8944

Watertown Charter Township 517-626-6593 x207 (sewer)

Williamston City: 517-655-2774

Garbage Pick Up and Recycling

Clinton County (St. Johns): 989-224-5186

Delta Township (Recycling): 517-323-8500

East Lansing517-337-9459

Eaton County: 517-543-7500 x7

Granger Container (Most Areas): 517-372-2800

Ingham County (Hazardous Materials Only): 517-887-4312

Lansing City517-483-4400

Mason: 517-676-9155 (trash pick up only)

Waste Management: 1-800-796-9696

Telephone Companies & Long Distance Carriers

SBC Michigan (Home Service): 1-800-244-4444
SBC Michigan (Small Business): 1-800-660-3000
SBC Michigan (Medium to Large Business): 1-800-480-8088

AT&T (Home): 1-800-222-0300
AT&T (Business): 1-800-222-0400

Century Telephone Midwest (Home): 1-800-872-4016
Century Telephone Midwest (Business): 1-800-872-4017

GTE: 1-800-483-50000

MCI: 1-800-950-5555

Sprint (Home): 1-800-877-7746
Sprint (Business): 1-800-877-2000

Quest: 1-800-860-1020

Cable Companies

Broad Stripe: 1-800-444-6997

Cable Competitors (Owosso): 1-888-463-4288

Cable Vision (St. Johns) 1-989-224-8914

Comcast: 1-800-824-2000

Millennium Digital Media: 1-800-444-6997

Rural TV of Michigan: 1-517-647-1760


Monday, February 6, 2012

Understanding Real Estate: What is an Affidavit of Affixture?

When purchasing a mobile or modular home it is important to verify that the seller has an Affidavit of Affixture.  This document states that the home is permanently attached to the land.  Even in a cash transaction, this document is required of the title company cannot insure the property.  Click on the link provided for paperwork: Affidavit of Affixture Documentation Link. Call The Selling Team if you have questions or to help negotiate your real estate transaction 517-853-6408

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

KW Selling Team News: KW Awards Night

Keller Williams Realty is a company that actively recognizes the achievement of their agents.  During the annual awards night, The Selling Team was the recipient of many awards including highest  Closed Volume  2011 for a group.  Both Brock Fletcher and Jeff Burke were recognized as members in the “Production Posse”; an award specific to agents who showed growth in their production numbers from 2010 to 2011.  Congratulations gentleman!  The rest of the team is proud of you!