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Home Buying Guide

The Selling Team knows that buying a home is a big decision and you are likely to have a lot of questions.  Below is a step-by-step guide to purchasing Real Estate in the Greater Lansing Area.

Getting Started
Have you out grown your apartment?  Are you starting a family and want your own space to grow in together?  Are you looking to make an investment?  Do you need to downsize?  Want a place to call your own?  These are some of the reasons people buy homes. What's yours?

Step-by-Step Classes Offered
     The Selling Team's Jeff Burke teaches an informative class for buyers! Find out more here.

What does a Buyer's Agent do for you?
      Choosing the right agent to represent you in a transaction is important.
      *Picking the right agent.
      *How much does it cost to hire a Buyer's Agent?
      *What our clients have to say: testimonials 

Mortgages: What Type of Loan Should I Get?
     Don't miss out on your dream home...get pre-approved.

     *What are Closing Costs?

     *Why do I need Earnest Money or a Good Faith Deposit?

How to Define Property Search Criteria
     Know how to find the home of your dreams.
     * Is School of Choice an option?
     *Can I buy a Manufactured or Modular home?
     *Should I Build New?
     *What items in the home will be included in the sale?

The Closing Process 
      An informative video that outlines the different steps in the closing process.

Accepted Offer
Congratulations, your offer was accepted.  NOW WHAT?  If you haven't already met with your loan officer and filled out the official application you need to schedule an appointment.  Your loan officer will go over their fees and run numbers for you.  Most lenders will ask for payment for the appraisal at this time as well.  Once you have an executed contract the seller will have the utilities turned on, unless otherwise specified in the purchase agreement.  You can then preform your inspections.  Meanwhile, your loan officer will order the appraisal.  If all goes well, closing will take place 30-45 days later.
     Find the best Home, Pest, Well & Septic Inspectors in Greater Lansing here.
      Do I need a Home Inspection?
      Do I need a Pest Inspection?
      Do I need a Radon Test?
      Do I need a Point of Sale (Well & Septic) Inspection?

Point of Sale Inspections
      Is your home in a point of sale inspection county? Wondering what a point of sale inspection is? Find out here!

     What is an appraisal report?

Mortgage Title Insurance
      Why do I need a title insurance policy?

The Closing Process 
      An informative quick video that outlines the closing process and charges to the HUD settlement statement.

Closing and Moving In
Woohoo!  You have a clear to close on your loan.  Your agent will be scheduling closing with the title company.  Closing times are between 9AM to 4PM on business days only.  Be sure to let your agent know if you have any day or time restrictions.  After the closing date is set (normally 48 hours after you have a clear to close on your loan), your loan officer will send their loan docs to the title company for them to "work up the numbers".  Once they have lender approval on the HUD Settlement Statement, a copy will be sent to you and your agent.  The HUD will have your bottom line (how much money, if any, you need to bring to closing).  Remember that if you do need to bring money to the table that it needs to be in the form of a cashier's check or certified funds.

The Closing Process 
      A quick video that outlines the closing process.

Understanding Your Settlement Statement (HUD)
           Real Estate Fees
           Lender Fees
           Home Owner's Insurance
           Appraisal Fee

Local Title Companies
        Find your closing location here!

Do I Need a Power of Attorney?

Utility Service Providers
      You will want to have the utilities switched over into your name, effective the date of closing.  Contact number for the service providers in the Greater Lansing area can be found here.

Make it YOUR Home:
          Carpet Cleaning